Hyle King Movement - Volume One & Volume Two - Compact Discs

Hyle King Movement - Volume One & Volume Two - Compact Discs

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Hyle King Movement is the musical adventure of Hyle King and Ray Chafin that expounds upon Hyle King and his extensive musical background from classical composition to rock and roll. Born in the Southern California surfing kingdom of Malibu, Hial Bancroft King, grandson of famous actor George Bancroft, was neighbors with the Beach Boys, had Randy Newman in his first band, and received multiple accolades from the likes of Leonard Bernstein and Carmen Dragon. Multi-instrument musical Genius Hyle King partnered with Ray Chafin at the request of Mac Davis, and the rest is history.                                        

1. Come Sing With Me In The Rain

2. America The Beautiful  (Inst)

3. Silvery Dawn

4. Hands Of Time

5. One Sided Affair

6. Serenade For Sue  (Inst)

7. I Saw The Light Of Day

8. My Billboard On Sunset Boulevard


1. Happy Times

2. Cozy Little Corner

3. Jamacia's Calling Me

4. Couldn't Walk Away

5. Home At Last (Inst)

6. Colleen My Love

7. Cafe' In The Rayne

8. Fortune Street Circle (Inst)