Listen To Jimmy Griffin

Wraysong Records team have been working since 2008 to collect as many songs as possible from the Jimmy Griffin archives so that we can bring his incredible sound to a larger audience. If you’ve been searching for more Jimmy Griffin or are just looking for new soft rock hits to add to your playlist, then shop our collections today!

Get a taste of Jimmy Griffin’s iconic sound

Jimmy Griffin will be remembered for his work with the band Bread and his soft rock hits like “Look What You've Done", and “Lonely Girls”. Here at Wraysong Records, we’re bringing his voice to larger audiences with our Jimmy Griffin Archive Series Volumes and our YouTube channel. Browse our collections and visit our YouTube channel today!

Jimmy Griffin is known for:

  • Winning an Oscar in 1971 for co-writing Carpenters hit “For All We Know”
  • Co-founded the supergroup Bread
  • Wrote songs for many other artists
  • Distinctive, beautiful voice
  • Jimmy Griffin Archive Series Volume One

We will eventually be making Jimmy Griffin: The Archive Series into a six-volume set, and you can sample two soft rock hits from Volume One here.

Love Chain

Find this song on the Archive Series Volume One, which you can purchase as a CD or digital download. Listen here!

Love Supreme

Find this song on the Archive Series Volume One, and purchase the volume as a CD or digital download. Listen here!

Our YouTube Channel

As we continue sifting through the songs in the Jimmy Griffin archive and producing new volumes, we’ll also be sharing selections on our Wraysong Records YouTube channel. Find soft rock hits like the ones above and follow to keep up with new videos.